PENTAX Super-A 35mm SLR Film Camera W/ Pentax-A 50mm F1.7 Lens

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PENTAX Super-A 35mm SLR Film Camera W/ Pentax-A 50mm Lens
►Released in 1983; Made in Japan

1) PENTAX Super-A 35mm SLR Film Camera

2) Lens: Pentax-A SMC 50mm F1.7


The Pentax Super A (known as the Pentax Super Program in some markets) was introduced in 1983 at the top of Pentax’s line of consumer level SLRs. It was a multi-mode camera with fully automatic programmed, aperture priority and shutter priority automatic exposure modes along side a manual exposure mode. It also featured automatic flash modes with TTL flash metering. It was designed to compete with a growing range of 1980s multi-mode cameras such as the Minolta XD-7 and Canon A1, Fujica AX5 and Mamiya ZE-X.

Along with the introduction of Pentax Super-A was also a new line of K mount lenses called the "Pentax-A" which introduced the new "A" lock on the aperture ring, the Pentax-A lenses were fully compatible with the Super-A's fully auto program mode, where aperture and shutter is automatically selected by the camera. 

In this kit we have paired here the Pentax-A SMC 50mm f1.7 Prime lens, which is fully compatible with all exposure modes in the Pentax-A, particularly Program mode!


1) Camera - Excellent Condition with light signs of usage, no significant cosmetic damage, please see detailed product images for reference. Clear viewfindner, No signs of scratches, fog or fungus, light dust present but does not affect visibility. No squeak. Mechanically it is thoroughly tested and in fully working order, battery and film tested. Light meter positive. 

2) Lens - In excellent condition. Glass has no scratch, fog or fungus present, clear optics, few specs of dust present.. Please refer to detailed product images.