PENTAX Espio W Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera

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PENTAX Espio W Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera
►Released in late 1993; Japan Model

Pentax Zoom lens 38-115mm 


A member of the brilliant ESPIO series of 35mm point and shoot cameras, the Pentax ESPIO W. With it’s panoramic mode, where you’ll just need to flick the switch on the back of the camera, along with it’s 28-56mm lens this one really is a great all rounder. The "W" which stands for wide refers to the 28mm lens that will allow you the capture much more in your frame, great for travelling, landscapes, street photography and more. 

The Pentax ESPIO W is fully automatic as with most ESPIO range film cameras, has in-built flash that can be turned on/off manually, and multiple flash and shooting modes for you to experiment and play around with. 

We recommend this to anyone looking to get started in film photography or anyone after a versatile point and shoot suitable for all occasions of photography!

Check out some samples images here.


Great condition of camera body with light signs of usage from normal wear, no significant cosmetic damage, please see detailed product images for reference. Clear lens free from dust, fog and fungus. Bright viewfinder, minor dust. Flash positive. Film advance and shutter release smoothly operating. LCD Screen positive. Mechanically in fully working order.


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