PENTAX Espio 628 Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera

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PENTAX Espio 628 Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera
►Released in late 1990s.

Pentax Zoom lens 28-60mm 


Produced between 1990-2005, the Pentax Espio range produced some very high quality and underrated point and shoots capable of a powerful zoom and producing sharp images at an affordable price. Here we have the Espio 628 with a 28-60mm zoom lens. This fully automatic point and shoot sports a range of features like adjustable flash modes, red eye reduction, panoramic shooting mode and date imprint function. 

Recommend this to all beginners looking to get started or anyone after an affordable point and shoot suitable for all occasions of photography! 


Great condition of camera body, please see detailed product images for reference. Clear lens free from dust, fog and fungus. Bright viewfinder, minor dust. Flash positive. Film advance and shutter release smoothly operating. LCD Screen positive. Mechanically it is in fully working order.

NOTE: The zoom rocker switch spring is worn down, this does not affect the lens zooming function at all, it works smoothly as it should for both zoom directions. Just noting that the rocker switch needs to be set to the neutral / mid point for the shutter to fire. Should you require more clarification, just send us a message on Instagram or email at to let us know :)


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