OLYMPUS OM-1 SLR 35mm Film Camera W/ G.Zuiko 28mm f3.5 Lens

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OLYMPUS OM-1 SLR 35mm Film Camera W/ G.Zuiko 28mm f3.5 Lens
►Released in 1972, Made in Japan

1) Olympus OM1 SLR 35mm Film Camera + Body Cap

2) Olympus OM-System G.Zuiko 28mm f3.5


Introduced in 1972, the OM-1 was the first product in the OM Series. It is not exaggerating to credit Olympus OM-1as a camera that sets new industry standards for SLR in terms of functionality, portability and ease of handling when it was first introduced way back to the early seventies. It created the "compact SLR" concept and changed the course of 35mm SLR development. 

  • Camera type : 35mm focal-plane shutter TTL SLR camera
  • Picture size : 24 x 36mm
  • Lens mount : OM mount
  • Shutter : horizontal-travel focal-plane shutter
  • Shutter speeds : B, 1 - 1/1000 sec.
  • Flash sync contact : FP, X
  • Viewfinder : Fixed pentaprism finder
  • Finder coverage : 97 %
  • Metering : Center-weighted light metering 
  • Film speed range : ASA 25 to 1600
  • Film winding : Film wind lever on camera top
  • Rewinding : Collapsible rewind crank on camera top
  • Body dimensions : W136 x H83 x D86mm
  • Body weight (with f1.4/50mm lens) : 740 g.
  • Instruction manual: link here
  • Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate 
The lens paired with this kit here is the 28mm f3.5 Zuiko lens - an excellent starter wide lens that makes a great companion for many occasions of photography, particularly for travel, landscape and street photography! 


►Power Source:

The OLYMPUS OM-1 is a mechanical SLR camera, meaning it will operate even there is no battery(ies) installed inside the camera. The power is confined to the light metering displayed inside the viewfinder, which is powered by a 1.35V mercury battery. 



Camera - Excellent overall condition, there are faint signs of usage from normal wear, particularly at the bottom of the camera, please see detailed product images for reference of the camera's cosmetic condition. Clear and bright viewfinder, No signs of scratches, haze or fungus, there are some dust present in viewfinder however it does not obstruct your view nor will it have any effect on your images. No shutter squeak. Fully functional, battery and film tested. 

Lens - In excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically. Glass has no scratch, fog or fungus present, with a few faint dust particles present, the dust will not have any effects on the final results of your images.