OLYMPUS AF-1 Twin 35/70mm Dual Lens Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera

$250.00 AUD
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OLYMPUS AF-1 Twin 35/70mm Dual Lens Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera
  • Switchable between 35mm, 70mm
  • 35mm f.3.5 (3 elements, 3 groups) and 70mm f/6.3 (5 elements, 5 groups) Olympus Lens

The Olympus AF-1 Twin (Infinity Twin in the US) of 1988 had a biaxial (twin-lens) system so the user could switch between a 35mm wide-angle lens and a 70mm telephoto lens at the touch of a button. It also inherited the weatherproof design developed for the Olympus AF-1 that was also used on other models in the Olympus AF series. 

The AF-1 Twin had moulded plastic lenses, which Olympus used for the first time in this weatherproof series after the development of technology to overcome moisture absorption and other issues. 

What we think: A sturdy built point and shoot that advanced after the well-loved Olympus AF-1! Sharp lens, particularly when shot using the 35mm focal length. The body is on the bulkier side but its a great durable and travel-friendly on-the-go camera!


Good condition of camera body with some visible signs of usage, there are visible hairline scratches on the camera body surface, please refer to detailed product images. Clear lens free from dust, fog and fungus. Bright viewfinder. Flash positive. LCD Screen positive. All features functional, mechanically in fully working order. 


2 x CR123A