OLYMPUS ACE-E Rangefinder Film Camera

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OLYMPUS ACE-E Rangefinder Film Camera

►Released in 1958.


"The Ace series were rangefinder cameras introduced in 1958 by Olympus, as their first and only rangefinder cameras with interchangeable lenses. The Ace-E model had a built-in uncoupled selenium meter. The lenses were leaf shutter with 1 sec to 1/500 sec plus B speeds, with M and X flash synchronization.

During this time, Olympus wanted to enter the market as a contender to the popular Leica M3. Olympus offered a small range of lenses:

  • Normal 5-elements, 4 groups E.Zuiko 4.5cm f:2.8
  • Wide angle 5-elements, 3 groups E.Zuiko-W 3.5cm f:2.8
  • Short telephoto 5-elements, 5 groups E.Zuiko-T 8cm f:5.6
  • Later short telephoto Zuiko-T 8cm f:4"

Text reference from Camerapedia, read more here.


1) Camera body -  In excellent condition with very minor usage marks, see detailed product images for reference. Viewfinder is bright and clear, all frame lines and focusing plane visible and clear as it should. All dials are responsive and functional. Shutter release and film advance operates smoothly. Selenium meter responsive. In fully working order. Note: this camera does not require battery to operate.
2) Lens: Excellent condition, no dust, scratch, fog and fungus. Aperture and focus rings operates smoothly.