OLYMPUS µ[Mju:] Zoom 115 Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera

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OLYMPUS µ[Mju:] 115 Point and Shoot Film Camera
►Released in 1998-1999; Japan model

Olympus Zoom Lens 38-115mm, f/4.5-8.9, autofocus as close as 60cm


From the incredibly successful Mju or Stylus Epic range, we have here the Mju Zoom 115 released in 1998 by Olympus. The µ[mju:] Zoom 115 is the fifth model in this continuing success story. While the 3X zoom lens opens up new photographic possibilities, the design retains the µ[mju:] series' distinctive contours and a sliding lens barrier that contributes to both portability and style.

With 38-115mm zooming that goes beyond the capabilities of a lens in the 2X class, the latest µ[mju:] model is ready for shots ranging from expansive landscapes to clear, natural-looking portraits. To ensure outstanding resolution, it also has the precision of high-performance glass aspherical lens elements.

As with all Mju series cameras, the body of this model is weatherproof, protects against sand, dust, rain shower or splashing, meeting the IEC grade 4 standards for "splash-proof," it offers extra reassurance on a rainy day, at a beach or on a ski slope and many more useful things in compact body.

This is a perfect everyday pocketable camera for all levels of photography and all occasions. Recommend this to anyone after a high quality point and shoot that is pocketable and durable, solid in build. An extremely versatile film compact camera. 

Official camera specs can be found here.

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Great overall condition of camera body with some signs of usage from normal wear, see detailed product images for reference. Clear lens free from dust, fog and fungus. Bright viewfinder. Flash positive. Film advance and shutter release smoothly operating. LCD Screen positive. Mechanically it is thoroughly tested and in fully working order.


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