NIKON RD2 Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera

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NIKON RD2 Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera
►Released in 1988

Nikon 35mm Lens


The Nikon RF2 (also known as One•Touch 100) is a 35mm compact camera with autofocus introduced by Nikon in 1988 as part of the One•Touch series. This camera is a super simple point and shoot camera, fully automatic and is great as a starter beginner point and shoot. It features a capable and sharp Nikon 35mm lens, automatic film advance and rewind, automatic flash control, automatic exposure speeds, atuomatic focus, and a self-timer.

The 35mm lens is sharp and great for a wide variety of photography such as portrait, landscape, street photography. The in-built flash is automatic and makes it a great camera to bring to night events!

The camera is powered by 2 X AA batteries that can be found easily in any supermarkets or office supply shops. 

Check out some sample images here!


Good overall condition of camera body, there are some faint usage marks on body from normal wear, see detailed product photos for reference. Clear lens free from dust, fog and fungus. Bright and clear viewfinder, no fog or mold, some dust present. Flash positive. Film advance and shutter release smoothly operating. LCD screen positive. Mechanically in fully working order.