NIKOMAT/NIKKORMAT 35mm SLR Film Camera W/ Nikkor-H 50mm F2 Lens

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►Released in 1976; Japan Model

2) Nikkor-H 50mm F2 Lens + Lens cap 



Introducing the Nikomat (Japan) or Nikkormat (Elsewhere) EL series by Nikon, first introduced in 1972. Here we have the EL-W model, which was the updated model from the original EL manufactured in 1976 available in black - the EL-W is an all-metal, electromechanically controlled, manual-focus SLR with manual exposure control or aperture-priority autoexposure. A battery powers the light meter however the camera is operable without any batteries should you not require the built-in light metering. 

All Nikkormats are extremely well made camera. Robust in construction and reliable in performance, the ELW, just like any other Nikon oldies is made of a die-cast aluminium alloy and only available in black finished. The non-interchangeable eye-level prism finder showing 92% of the picture field. A standard Nikon K screen with matte-fresnel field and central split-image rangefinder surrounded by a microprism grid. The shutter speed set is visible in the viewfinder as is a green follow pointer for match needle metering.

This kit we have here is paired with the Nikkor 50mm f2 lens, a standard prime lens widely regarded as one of the best optical performers among photographers. It provides no distortion. 

Read more about the NIKOMAT here.

and specifications here. 



1) Camera body: Overall cosmetic condition is excellent, minor usage marks on body. Mirror has no scratch, dust or fungus. Bright and clear viewfinder with just minor dust, no fog/fungus. Focusing screen has 3-4 specs of particles. All dials functioning. Self-timer positive. Mechanically in fully working order. Shutter has no squeak.

2) Lens: Excellent condition. Light signs of usage on body. No major dust, fog and fungus. Focusing and aperture ring smoothly operating.