MINOLTA Mac-Tele Dual-Lens Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera

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MINOLTA Mac-Tele Dual-Lens 38mm and 80mm Point and Shoot Film Camera
►Released in 1988; Japan Model.

Minolta Dual focal-length switchable from 38 mm f/2.8 normal lens to 80 mm f/5.6 portrait lens.


The Minolta AF-Tele Super (Europe) or Freedom Tele (America) or Mac-Tele (Japan) is a dual focal-length autofocus compact camera switchable from 38 mm f/2.8 normal lens to 80 mm f/5.6 portrait lens by push-button and usable with DX-coded 35mm film with film speed between ISO 50 and ISO 3200. Includes built-in flash and small LCD screen on top panel, flash requires short charge time (common in 80s point and shoots).

The Dual lens feature is super fun to play with and extremely versatile great for all occasions of events! Suitable for beginners. 

Fun fact: The camera construction was also base for the dual-focus Leica AF-C1. The Minolta camera was launched in 1988, the Leica model one year later.

Check out some sample images here!


Great condition of camera body with light signs of usage, no significant cosmetic damage. Clear lens free from dust, fog and fungus. Bright viewfinder, minor dust. Flash positive. Film advance and shutter lease smoothly operating. LCD Screen positive. In fully working order. 


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