MAMIYA RB67 Pro-S Medium Format Film Camera Complete Kit

$1,400.00 AUD
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MAMIYA RB67 Pro-S Medium Format Film Camera Complete Kit

1) Mamiya RB67 Pro S Medium Format Film Camera + Body Cap

2) 2 x Viewfinders: Waist-level & Prism finder (non metered)

3) 2 x Film Back - 1x 67 format & 1 x 645 format (comes with case)

4) 3 x Lens: Mamiya-Sekor 65mm f4.5, 90mm f3.8, 127mm f3.8 - all comes with lens and rear cap. 

5) Accessories: 1 x Camera strap and 1 x Mamiya RB Shutter Cable Release

The price listed is for the above all items.

  • The RB67 Pro-S or Professional S as written on the body, was released in 1974, and is the most common RB67 camera. It was sold for over 15 years.
  • Fully analog. No electronics inside whatsoever. 
  • Big, heavy, beautiful feeling piece of machinery
  • Fantastic lenses
  • Very bright viewfinder
  • Built like a goddamn tank
  • Very smooth and precise focusing
  • Ability to flip from landscape to portrait perspective
  • Lots of steps to put into place that really lock you into the process of shooting.
  • Camera manual with all specs here!


1) Body - Great overall condition with light signs of usage, see detailed product images for reference. Viewfinder is bright and clear, few specs of dust present, no fog or fungus. All buttons/dials responsive and functional. Shutter release and film advance operates smoothly. In fully working order. 
2) Viewfinders - both in excellent condition. See detailed product images for reference.

3) Film back - both in working condition. Cosmetically there is some light peeling of the leatherette's edges, see product images for reference.

4) Lens - Cosmetically they are all in excellent condition with little to no cosmetic flaws, please refer to detailed product images. Light specs of dust is present in optics but very minimal, absolutely no fog or fungus or haze. Aperture and focusing rings all operates smoothly. From testing, the 65mm is sometimes inaccurate from 1/30 and slower. 90mm and 127mm in fully working order.