MAMIYA C330 W/ 80mm f2.8 Medium Format TLR Flim Camera W

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MAMIYA C330 Medium Format TLR Flim Camera

►Released in 1969

►DESCRIPTION: The Mamiya C330 is an interchangeable lens medium format TLR camera. The C330 model was marketed at the professional market. It supports interchangeable finder viewing system allowing options such as a chimney style magnifier, eye level prism and the traditional waist level finder, in addition to the new interchangeable focusing screen feature.

This line offered a decent range of lens options from the wide 55mm to 250mm lenses. The C330 was the generation of the C330 models, later succeeded by the C330f and C330s.


1) Mamiya C330 Body - Excellent condition with some signs of usage, particularly some light paint chips or scratches on the edges of the camera body, see detailed product images for reference. Waist level finder is bright and clear, moderate dust present, does not obstruct view, no fog or fungus. All buttons/dials responsive and functional. Shutter release and film advance operates smoothly. In fully working order. 
2) Lens: Excellent condition, no haze, scratch, fog and fungus. Aperture and focus rings operates smoothly.