KYOCERA/YASHICA LYNX 90 Zoom Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera

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KYOCERA LYNX 90 Zoom 38-90mm Point and Shoot Film Camera
►Released in 1995; Japan model

Kyocera Zoom Lens 38-90mm


The Kyocera/Yashica Lynx 90, also known as the Microtech Zoom 90, is a 35mm film autofocus compact camera manufactured by Kyocera - that brand that also produced Yashica and Contax. It first appeared circa 1995. The Lynx 90 is a very fast shooting and high performance point and shoot. The featured built-in flash works seamlessly during night photography and the lens produces sharp and nicely contrasted images. The LCD panel on top shows all the relevant information you need. 


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Excellent condition of camera body with some light signs of usage from normal wear, please refer to detailed product image. Clear lens free from dust, fog and fungus. Bright viewfinder. Flash positive. Film advance and shutter lease smoothly operating. LCD Screen positive. Mechanically it has been thoroughly tested and it is in fully working order.


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