KONICA Pop/C35 EFJ Point and Shoot Film Camera

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KONICA Pop/C35 EFJ Point and Shoot Film Camera

The Konica Pop (aka C35 EFJ in Japan) was a popular 35mm compact camera by Konica, made in 1982. It was available in many bright colours along with the original black and sold over 1.5 million models. 

  • Manual film advance and rewind via film lever and rewind knob located at the bottom of the camera
  • Konica Hexanon Lens 36mm f/4
  • Built-in flash which is turned on/off via a switch button in the front face of camera
  • Manual ISO selector for 100/200/400
  • We love this camera for street photography and documentary photography
  • Skill level: Beginner / Intermediate
  • Sample images: Here!
  • Power source: 2 x AA batteries (for flash). Camera can be used without battery!


Great overall condition of camera body with light signs of usage, no significant cosmetic damage, please see product images for reference. Clear lens free from dust, fog and fungus. Bright and clear viewfinder. Flash positive. Film advance and shutter release smoothly operating. Mechanically in fully working order.