FUJI Cardia Joy Date Point and Shoot Film Camera

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FUJI Cardia Joy Date 35mm f/3.8 Point and Shoot Film Camera
►Released in 1990s

Fujinon Lens 35mm f/3.8


An easy to use, light weight fixed lens point and shoot with the always reliable fujinon lens. This camera is not straight-forward to handle, quick to shoot, an excellent camera for travel/on the go. Great as a beginner's film camera. Signature drop-in film loading by fuji is so simple and efficient to use, one of our favourite features. 


Great condition of camera body with minimal signs of usage, usage marks visible on body, please refer to detailed product photos. Clear lens free from dust, fog and fungus. Bright viewfinder, minor dust, no fog or fungus. Flash positive. LCD positive. Film advance and shutter lease smoothly operating. Mechanically it is thoroughly tested and in fully working order.