CANON A-1 SLR Film Camera w/ Canon FD S.C. Lens 28mm F2.8

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CANON A-1 SLR w/ Canon FD Lens 28mm f2.8
►Released in 1978; Made in Japan

1) Canon A-1 SLR Body 

2) Canon Lens FD 28mm F2.8 S.C. + Lens Cap


Released in 1978, the A-1 is one of the most historically significant cameras of the 35mm SLR era because it was the first SLR to offer electronically-controlled programmed auto-exposure. The A-1 is an absolute blast to photograph with, well loved by both beginners and experienced shooters, it is an SLR we recommend to anyone looking to invest in an all rounded SLR that will grow and stay with you for a long time. 

The A-1 had the choice of aperture- or shutter-priority automatic exposure, the first "programmed" fully-auto mode, as well as automatic dedicated flash, and a fully manual setting. There was a numerical display in the viewfinder of shutter and aperture, using red LED seven-segment displays. To avoid fogging from the viewfinder on long exposures, the LED display could be switched off, and the eyepiece closed off with a shutter.

In comparison to another very popular option, the AE-1 and AE-1 Program, the A-1 offers aperture priority, more low shutter speeds, with a more advanced metering system as well as a more robust built body. The A-1 is no doubt one of our personal favourite SLRs.

The kit we have here is paired with the top of the line 28mm 2.8, an excellent prime wide lens capable of producing beautifully rendered and sharp images. The wider 28mm makes this kit especially suitable for those that enjoy photographing landscapes, street photography and travel photography.  

For more specifications of the Canon A-1, please read here.


The Canon A-1 is powered by 1 x 4LR44 Battery. 


1) Camera - Excellent overall condition with light signs of usage, no significant cosmetic damage, please see product images for reference. Clear viewfinder, No signs of scratches, fog or fungus, very light dust present but does not affect visibility. No shutter squeak. Mechanically in fully working order. Light meter positive. 

2) Canon Lens FD 50mm - In excellent condition. Glass has no scratch, fog or fungus present, clear optics. Aperture and focusing rings smoothly operating as it should.