Who is BeginningFilm?

From Tokyo to Sydney, we are a couple duo living long distance from each other. Frederick lives in Tokyo, While Janie lives in Sydney. BeginningFilm is a small business with a simple vision -- to make quality and trustworthy film products readily available to our AUS/NZ (and of course, worldwide) film community with the end goal to keep film alive.

BeginningFilm is project dear to our hearts -- we cater to all levels of film photographers, from beginners to pros, we understand not everyone is familiar with film but the important thing is -- we all start from somewhere and we are here to guide and support you. To new beginnings!


Where is BeginningFilm located?

We work between Tokyo and Sydney, but all of our cameras are based and shipped from Sydney, Australia!


I am based in Sydney too! Can I arrange for pick-up/meet-up?

Yes you sure can! BeginningFilm is currently located in the inner west of Sydney, we welcome pick-ups but please message us to arrange for a time. Meet-up is possible too, however, due to our current schedule, we do not guarantee we can meet with you. Alternatively, shipping within Sydney only takes 2 days, or next day delivery for express :) 


What is your returns policy?

Glad you asked. You can have a click here for our most up to date returns policy! Any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.


I am a beginner at film photography, can you help me?

Gladly! It would be our pleasure to help :) We welcome all beginners to join this wonderful film community and learn about the incredible machines behind it. There are a ton of free resources (thanks to some amazing people) available online that can help you get a head start -- like this beginner's guide here by IStillShootFilm or this video here by Melbourne based PushingFilm, and of course we are also here to help!

If you have any questions or want advice regarding selecting your first camera or getting started in film, the best and quickest way to reach us is actually through our Instagram Direct Message (Follow us at @BeginningFilm!), we are always online and will try to get back to you as soon as we can :) 


Help! Where do I get film or develop film?

We don't currently stock film or develop/scan film but the Australian film community is full of awesome people contributing to keeping film alive, so we would love for you to support them too! It is in our plans to publish a post about these awesome people, but in the meantime, please message us for recommendations :) 


Do you source products on request? How does it work?

Due to some new transitions, we have temporarily put our sourcing services on pause. However, please still message us with the camera you are interested as things may change!


Can you help me sell my camera?

It is in our plans to accept consignments in the future. If you are interested, please email us at info@beginningfilm.shop with details and photos of the product you would like to sell and we can discuss further! Open to Australian residents only. 


I have more questions!

No worries guys :) Catch us here:

For more serious business stuff or request - info@beginningfilm.shop

Chat with us over at our Instagram @BeginningFilm or Facebook messenger!

Or simply use our contact form here!

We promise to get back to you as soon as we can :) Thank you all!