NIKON F3 35mm SLR Film Camera Date Back W/ Nikkor Ai 50mm F1.8

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NIKON F3 35mm SLR Film Camera Date Back W/ Nikkor 50mm F1.8

1) Nikon F3 35mm SLR Film Camera With Date Back + Prism Finder + Body Cap

2) Nikon Nikkor Ai 50mm F1.8  rear + lens cap 

3) Nikon Leather Hard Case + Strap

4) Product Box + Camera Manual (Japanese)


The Nikon F3, one of the most iconic and groundbreaking SLR cameras ever made, celebrates its 40th birthday this year - An SLR built for professional photographers, the flagship Nikon F3 is not only one of the best film cameras but also one of the most legendary. Launched in March 1980, it was in production for 21 years and many F3s are still in use today. 

The F3 was Nikon's second camera to be designed by equally legendary designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who conceived other iconic designs such as the Lotus Esprit, DMC DeLorean (aka 'the Back to the Future car'), the Seiko Speedmaster Speedmaster Chronograph watch and the Beretta Neos handgun.

Type Electronically controlled 35 mm single-lens reflex (SLR) focal-plane shutter camera
Exposure control A (aperture-priority automatic), Manual
Viewfinder Eye-level finder DE-2 as standard, interchangeable with 3 other types
Split micro design (Type K) of focusing screen provided as standard, interchangeable with 19 other types
Metering system TTL center-weighted full-aperture metering
Metering range: EV 1 to 18 with ASA/ISO 100 film
Film speed setting: ASA/ISO 12 to 6,400
Shutter Automatic: From 8 to 1/2,000 sec. (step-less),
Manual: 8 to 1/2,000 sec. (18 steps) including T, B and X (1/80 sec.)
Mechanical shutter at T, Mechanical setting (1/60 sec. or T) available with the backup mechanical release lever when batteries become weak or exhausted
Flash sync X setting only, Speedlight unit synchronized at X (1/80 sec.) or less
TTL automatic flash exposure control available with the dedicated Speedlight SB-12 or SB-11 (with use of TTL flash exposure control cord SC-12)
Dimensions & Weight (Approx.) 148.5 x 96.5 x 65.5 mm; 700 g (body alone)


1) Camera - Excellent overall condition with light signs of usage such as some faint usage marks on body from normal wear, no significant cosmetic damage, over all body is very clean, please see detailed product images for reference. Clear viewfindner, No signs of scratches, fog or fungus, 1-2 specs of faint dust particles in viewfinder, will not obstruct your view. Shutter release and film advance smoothly operating as it should. Date back requires separate battery and is in working order. 

2) Lens - Excellent overall condition. There is no haze, fog or fungus in lens glass, 3-4 faint dust particles present, will not affect image quality. Aperture and focus rings operates smoothly.

3) Leather Hard Case - Excellent Near-New Condition

4) Product Box - Used Condition