PENTAX 6x7 Medium Format Mirror Lock-Up SLR W/ SMC Pentax 67 55mm F3.5 Lens

$1,400.00 AUD
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PENTAX 6x7 Medium Format SLR W/ SMC Pentax 67 55mm F3.5 Lens
►Released in 1969, Japan by Asahi Pentax

1) PENTAX 6x7 Medium Format SLR (Mirror lock-up) + Pentax 67 Pentaprism Finder

2) SMC Pentax 67 55mm F3.5 Lens


Read our "First Roll With" blog featuring this set up HERE. Read more features on the Pentax 67/6x7 model HERE.


1) Camera - Excellent condition, some light signs of usage from normal wear. Please see detailed product images for reference. Clear and bright viewfindner, No signs of scratches, fog or fungus. No squeak. Film seals in-tact. Mechanically thoroughly tested, in fully working condition. 

2) Lens - Excellent Condition. Focus and aperture rings smoothly operating as it should. Lens glass is free from dust, fog, fungus. Some very light cosmetic wear on the lens body.