SYDNEY PHOTOWALK 2.0: Film is alive!

Thanks to everyone that joined our photowalk event earlier this month with our awesome co-hosts, Bendt Magazine! It's been an incredible year so far (can you believe we are already half way through 2019?!) since we made the goal to do more community driven events and bring the "online" to connecting in "real life".

From close to 50 people joining our first photowalk event this year in March, to counting close to 60 people joining our second event, we're confident to say that the film photography community in Sydney is very much thriving and alive!!

We also had Jess from Viva La Film and Stephen from Rewind Photo Lab join us this time, both doing amazing things for the film community in Sydney. Very thankful to all that joined us and made the day super special.

To celebrate the Sydney film community, we also tried our best to snap a pic of everyone's camera gear to make our own version of "Tokyo Camera Style", Sydney edition, check them out below!

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