Meet The Film Shooter — Sabine Bannard [Interview #3]


In a few sentences or one, who is Sabine Bannard?

I'm yet to find this out. Are we ever our true self? Till then I'm for ever curious about, well pretty much everything. Professionally I'm a freelance food and lifestyle photographer based in South East Queensland.

Self Portrait, shot by Luisa Bannard; Canon A-1, Kodak Portra 400


How and when did you get started with film photography? and what have you enjoyed most about shooting film?

I'm in an age bracket where I still used film in the late 80s & 90s. We have a huge box full of printed images & photo albums. Most of them were taken by me. Looking back I must always had an obsession to document moments. (Some moments more than others, the first few years of our kids were probably captured weekly on film). Most pictures were shot with a point and shoot.

In 99/2000, while we still lived in Germany where I'm from, my Australian husband Martin & I flew to Australia and did a road trip from Adelaide to the Gold Coast in a VW Kombi, which we bought in Adelaide. I documented the whole trip on film, with a point & shoot and a Praktica of Martin's late father. Martin & I both worked in TV. Martin was a video editor & I was a Music TV presenter/producer of a house and techno show. (as well as a DJ). Taking pics was more of a fun expression at the time.

Eventually, when we moved to Australia with our two small kids, I re-discovered photography, which turned into a full time job. I always thought coming from TV, I must have still loved the idea of telling a visual story. After shooting digital a number of years I felt something was missing. I just could not pinpoint what it was.

I found myself admiring all the analog images popping up online some time 2017. It took me another year till I decided to get back into film, starting with a Pentax Epsio Point and Shoot which I got late 2018 from Beginning Film. (a Birthday presents from the kids). And with the first shoot I was hooked. Period. And my analog camera collection grew quickly.

I really love everything about it. The colours, the slight imperfection, the anticipation for the developed files to be emailed (Hello there Lazarus Lab!) and of course that nostalgic feel. But mostly I love that I have to trust. Trust myself to take the picture in the right moment and then let it go. I love the limitations shooting film puts on me. I mean sure I could shoot rolls on end, but why would you? Limiting my options really opens up my creative process. Shooting film does exactly that for me.

Settler Hives; Canon A1, Kodak Portra 400


What is: 1) The film camera set up you currently use and 2) The film camera set up you would love to try?

1) I currently shoot with a Canon A1 with a 50mm 1.4 and a Leica M2 with a 50mm 1.4 Summilux plus a Kyocera TD point and shoot. Oh and I have a "new" camera, my husband gifted it to me, a Contax Aria with a 35mm 2.8 Zeiss lens (he basically surprised me earlier this year).

2) I would love to try a Contax T2 and I'm super keen to try a medium format. I got one from a friend to play with which I'm yet to try out.

The Goldengoods collab; Canon A-1, Kodak Portra 400


In your opinion, what makes a good photograph?

It needs to move me, evoke an emotion. But quietly rather than loud. These are the photographs I prefer.

BLM Protest, Brisbane; Canon A-1, Kodak Portra 400


What do you do to keep yourself creative and improve as a photographer? Who do you look up that inspires your own work/process?

Whenever I feel uninspired I look through my cookbook collection and cook/bake something, hear music, watch a movie or clean the house. (I know how odd this sounds, but I have the best ideas when sweeping). But ultimately it's ok to feel uninspired and sometimes we just have to wait it out without pushing it. The less I think about it, the better it flows.

Who do I look up? I'm inspired by Henry Latrigue, Irvin Penn, William Eggleston & Juergen Teller to name a few. But also a lot of my Insta friends near and far.

Currumbin, GC; Leica M2, Kodak Portra 400


Your collection of photographs are discovered by coincidence 100 years from now, what do you hope your body of work will communicate to the person that encounters it?

I hope they get a sense of calmness and see the beauty in the ordinary.

Bowls Club Kingscliffe; Leica M2, Portra 160 


Apart from your work and photography, what else brings you joy?

My family, our sweet dogs, dappled light, seasonal changes in the air, music, good food, a road trip, a bunch of mismatched flowers on my kitchen table, ceramics vases and cookbooks.

Tamborine Mountain Lookout; Canon A1, Portra 400 [Top] / Gathering on the lawn, Kingscliffe; Leica M2, Portra 160 [Left] / Marloe Marloe Vessel, styling by Twhan McMahon; Canon A1, Portra 400 [Right]  


Lastly, our tradition with the "Meet The Film Shooter" series is to end with a favourite image you took from the last film roll you developed and tell us the story behind it!

It's not exactly the last roll but it was some time in November. I took it in Currumbin beach after a shoot with my friend and favourite person to shoot with, Twahn. 

It was a late afternoon before sunset. We saw these blue empty chairs sitting under the Surf Lifesaving Club with towels on the ground. It looked strangely morbid and deserted. I told Martin (my husband) about the odd feel this place had and he said that there was an accident earlier that day, an older gentlemen died on his daily swim with his friends of a heard attack (I believe). I mean it would be a stretch to think that the towels belonged to this man but the morbid feeling was still around. And who knows.

Currumbin Beach, GC; Leica M2, Portra 160



Connect with Sabine!

Instagram: @_housefrau


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