Meet The Film Shooter — Andrew Mercer [Interview #04]
In a few sentences or one, who is Andrew Mercer?

Bay Area native, photographer and creative.


How and when did you get started with film photography? and what drives you to continue shooting film?

I was gifted a Canon AE-1 by my partner and started street shooting around Melbourne when I'd visit. The more I learned about film photography the more invested I became. Trying new techniques and learning more about the process drives me to keep shooting film.


What is your favourite camera(s) & film to work with currently? Do you have a go-to combo when it comes to your work?
I use a Canon AE-1 and Mamiya RZ67 to shoot all my work. My go-to set up would be the RZ67 with the 140mm macro loaded with Portra 400.

Gaby and Britt / Kodak Portra 400

We've known you for a few years now since we first sourced your Mamiya RZ67 Kit, and you've produced quite a lot of work with it since then! -- What was the learning experience like transitioning from 35mm to medium format? and What do you enjoy most about your RZ67?

So grateful I found you guys to get the RZ sourced! The transition was pretty smooth for the most part. The biggest thing was learning how to handle the camera, focusing quickly, handholding speed and always forgetting to take out the dark slide. Looking through the viewfinder would probably be my favourite thing about shooting with the RZ.

Wilhelmina for Megan French Atelier / Kodak Portra 400


If you have to describe your photography style in 3 words, what would that be?

Intentional, contemporary and a little moody.

Wilhelmina for Megan French Atelier / Kodak Portra 400


Who do you look up to that inspires your own work and journey in photography?

I really enjoy seeing what Sasha Samsonova puts out. Jamie Green's work is definitely an inspiration to me. Seeing Vuhlandes' journey and attitude towards photography has helped me with mine.

Latisha / Kodak Portra 400


What would be a dream project or goal you wish to achieve in your photography work?
Shooting anything with Snoh Aalegra would be a dream.  


You obviously have a huge passion for film photography -- what advice would you give to someone that is still on the fence about trying film and, from your experience, what's a good kit for them to get started with?

YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOOT WITH PORTRA. There are plenty of other film stocks out. On the fence about film? Just do it, you've got nothing to lose. The Canon AE-1 Program with a 50mm is a great starting kit for beginners. Having the option to be full auto or manual is great for learning.   

Georgia and Alyssa / Ilford Delta 400

I see you also have another Instagram page that's filled with adorable dogs! What's the story behind that and do share with us one of your favourite dog portraits.
I work at a cafe called Finlay & Sons on the weekends, I started seeing lots and lots of dogs and just brought my camera in one day.



Lastly, a tradition with our "Meet The Film Shooter" series -- Share with us a favourite image you took from the last film roll you developed and tell us the story behind it!

I did a shoot with a talented local fashion student and was having some trouble with the wind and getting the backdrop set up. I improvised and just rolled it out on the ground and was able to get some dope shots.



Connect with Andrew!

Instagram: @tappudd


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