First Roll With: Yashica T5 by Frederick M.
Camera: Yashica T5 Point and Shoot
Film: Fuji Industrial 100
Dev + Scan: Osawa Camera, Tokyo

The Yashica T series -- a very popular point and shoot camera most notably associated with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson and consequently gathered a internet cult following. Last year I got my hands on the Yashica T5, and although I never gravitated towards the T series myself, I knew I had to at least take it for a spin to see what the hype is all about!  

The star feature of the Yashica T5 would definitely have to be its Carl Zeiss T* lens at 35mm f3.5. Other than that, the camera body itself is really not that remarkable - plastic body, basic design/ergonomics, basic features like you would find from a regular point and shoot camera. 

This roll of film was shot when I was in Tokyo with Fuji Industrial film during the day. Not knowing really what to expect, I was genuinely surprised by the outcome from the T5. See for yourself below:

Shooting the Yashica T5, I had my own prior assumptions and skepticisms - but I have to say the photos turned out with beautiful sharpness and details and the autofocusing was also very spot on for the majority of the shots! I can definitely see why the T5/T series have cultivated such a huge following.


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