First Roll With: Rollei 35S by Ryan Turner
Camera: Rollei 35S
Film: Fujifilm Pro 400H
Location: Binna Burra, Queensland, Australia
Dev and scan: Racquet Studio

My name is Ryan Turner, I’m 19 and an architecture student from Brisbane, Australia. I first started shooting two years ago and enjoy photography in my spare time.

I bought a Rollei 35S off of gumtree because I wanted to completely separate my film experience from my digital one. The camera is fully manual and uses zone focus but this exactly what I wanted; I can use my digital cameras in auto mode whenever I want, but when I use film I’ll be forced to shoot slower and with more intention.

This was definitely a challenge after only using 35mm point and shoot cameras prior. I overexposed the film one stop in-camera and used the built in light meter but as expected this didn’t turn out to be very reliable. Some of the photos are underexposed and combined with the relatively tricky zone focus, some are out of focus too. I did manage to get a few decent ones though I think. 

I shot the roll on a short holiday with my family at Binna Burra in Lamington National Park. The Pro 400H was a good choice because of the mountain landscape; the greens turned out very nice in my opinion. The camera was really fun to shoot because of its fully manual procedure and its tiny size. Very portable indeed. I’ll definitely put more rolls through the Rollei 35S but I’ll probably find another way to meter more accurately (or shoot in midday summer sun).

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Instagram: @phase_tone

All images shown in this post is provided to us by Ryan Turner.


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