First Roll With: Pentax ME Super by Jeremy Robinson
Gear: Pentax ME Super With the SMC Pentax-M 50mm 1.7 lens
Film: Expired Agfa vista 200

I’m Jeremy Robinson an 18 year old freelance photo from a small town in Australia called Bendigo. I have only just started to enjoy and appreciate the true value of film. I shoot a fair bit for a few local brands for their advertising purposes, they send the garments to me and I take out my mates for a fun day of shooting. I was mainly shooting on my canon 6d mark 2 until I got intrigued at the new film shop that opened up.

I ended up purchasing this camera from Bat City as I just started working there and scanning film for them. I wanted to pick the best camera for me that would last a lifetime, Nick Styles the owner originally pointed me in the direction of the Olympus Om1, then he just got the Pentax in and suggested it to me, I picked it up and bought a few rolls film.

At first it took a bit of getting used to but after a couple of shots deep I was powering through it like I had been shooting with it for years. When I was shooting the roll I was really testing it capabilities and putting it through its paces. I also rock a special Canon Collective Lucky Camera strap that I won from completing a set task they put forward.

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