First Roll With: Pentax K1000 by Julienne Pancho
Gear: Pentax K1000 with a SMC Pentax-A 50mm F2 lens
Film: Kodak 200 
Dev + Scan:  Racquet Film Processing Studio
Location:  Inner Brisbane

Howdy howdy! My name is Julienne and I am a final-year film student studying in Brisbane. I started shooting film when I was 13 – which must have been 2012, after my dad gifted me a Lomo La Sardina.

Throughout high school, I shot film using my Lomography cameras so it wasn’t until late 2018 that I finally picked up a proper SLR, my beloved Pentax K1000. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve fully fallen in love with her since – she’s still the only manual SLR I have. My Instagram is here and my website is here!

I bought my camera as a treat after I had wrapped up my first year of uni and a funny little story actually, the guy that sold me the camera took $20 off after he found out that I was Asian because so was he #asiansolidarity. I do remember being taken aback by the weight of the K1000 the first time I held her but as the months went by, the weight began to play this massive role in making me feel like every shot I took was of value and that still stands today.

Something about this camera that used to bother me was how obnoxiously loud the shutter would go off – I used to hate it since I was so used to shooting lomography but now, I love it. It is the crispiest sounding thing and I live for it.

When I first started shooting on my K1000, the light meter was actually broken and so my entire first roll was me guesstimating my shutter speed and aperture while hoping for the best. As far as I’m concerned, I’m actually really happy how my first roll turned out considering that I had no solid point of reference for my settings.

There has definitely been a lot of lessons learnt from my time with this camera but the most important one is probably how I’ve learnt to make every shot worth it. Especially with such an all-rounder like the K1000, a massive load has certainly been lifted off my shoulders, making it easier for technical dumb-dumbs like myself to focus on the shot and to shoot with purpose.


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