First Roll With: Pentax 6x7 by Jeremy Arimado
Gear: Pentax 6x7 MLU, 75mm 4.5 + 105mm 2.4 Lens
Film: Kodak Portra 400
Dev: Rewind Photo Lab
Scan: Rewind Photo Lab + Me

Hi! I’m Jeremy and I’m a software developer in Sydney. I started shooting film a year ago after a friend recommended I get a film camera. I didn’t take many photos before that, and if I did- I’d always try to simulate a film look when editing them- and I eventually was like ‘screw it, I don’t have time for editing, I’m just going to shoot film’.

When shooting film, I instantly got the aesthetic and feel I wanted in my photos, which allowed me to focus on the content of the photo instead. It also gave me the confidence to grow myself in areas of photography that in the past I was hesitant to pursue, mainly, taking portraits.

After a while with 35mm photography, I kept seeing these heaps sick medium format photos on Instagram. The sharpness, the bokeh, the colours... Without much thinking, or knowledge with film gear in general, I decided to get one. Since I was so noob with everything and really didn’t want to spend heaps of time researching where and which camera to get- I opted to buy a medium format camera from Beginning Film Since it was a safe bet that the camera would be in immaculate condition. I ended up getting a Pentax 6x7. Only because it had an eye level view-finder which I’m used to shooting with.

[hello, it me and my new baby]

The first thing I noticed with medium format was the little amount of grain I was seeing in the photos. Like it almost felt digital! I can’t really put my finger on it, but the whole vibe felt different from 35mm and I’m still adjusting to it. Some test shots with Joel:


The second thing was the amount of shots I had, I had no idea before purchasing this camera that I’d be limited to 12 shots a roll! LOL. I assumed it was 36! So since shooting with the 6x7- shoots have become even more measured and slower, more so than shooting with 35mm which is causing the whole shoot to feel a little stiff. It’s a little stressful honestly haha. And yeah- still adjusting.

That being said, I’m rarely using my 35mm anymore. I love the sharpness and colours I get. Not to mention the bokehhhh 😩💕. And every time I hit the shutter on this thing its so loud and satisfying it turns heads. I’m loving the challenge of medium format and glad to have the 6x7 with me on my journey in learning a new aspect of film photography.

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All images and text shown in this post is provided to us by Jeremy Arimado.


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