First Roll With: Pentax 67 by Sean Morrow

Camera: Pentax 67 w/ 105mm f2.4 Lens
Film: Ilford HP5 & Kodak Portra 400
Dev and scan: Rewind Photo Lab

Hello! My name is Sean Morrow and I'm from London. I started shooting film on an Olympus OM1 approximately 2 years ago when I went travelling to Central America. I wanted my photographs to not only document my travels, but to also be stand alone pieces of art in their own right. I feel that the aesthetic of film photography helped me achieve this and I haven't stopped shooting film since then. I'm also really attracted to the mechanical and tangible nature of film photography.

My photography focuses primarily on Surfing, surf lifestyle and exploration. Up until some months ago I was shooting exclusively on 35mm film with my nikonosV (for surfing and water shots) and Olympus OM1 (for lifestyle shots) but a road trip in Western Australia prompted me to purchase a medium format camera.

I wanted to make this transition so I could pick up more detail with a larger frame size which would allow for higher resolution print enlargements, particularly for landscape and seascape shots such as shooting waves from the coast line. I also wanted a medium format camera and lens for portraits as I would like to shoot more fashion and lifestyle shots.

After some research and advice from Rewind Photo Lab in Sydney I opted for the iconic Pentax 67. I then reached out to Beginning Film who kindly sourced me one in amazing condition along with the famous 105mm f2.4 lens.

My experience with this camera has been amazing. It has an incredibly robust build (yes. it is as heavy as people say!) but the design and ergonomics allowed for a smooth transition from shooting on the Olympus OM1. The only noticeable difference I had to get used to was the shutter speed dial which sits on the top left of the camera rather than on the lens ring on the Olympus OM1. The 105mm f2.4 lens was the perfect choice for me. It captures landscapes beautifully and provides a beautiful bokeh effect on portraits which is exactly what I looking for.

I'm really happy with what I've captured with my Pentax 67 so far and would recommend it to anyone considering buying their first medium format camera!

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Instagram: seanmorrow1

All images and text shown in this post is provided to us by Sean Morrow.


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