First Roll With: Nikon FM by Aleksander Espelid
Gear: Nikon FM w/ 43-86mm f3.5 and 24m f2.8 Lens
Film: Kodak Portra 400 
Scan: Epson V850
Shooting Location: Oslo, Norway

Hi! My name is Aleksander Espelid. I'm a 28 year old trained carpenter, who changed vocation and is just finishing a two year study at Bilder Nordic School of Photography. I'm based in Oslo, Norway, but will hopefully soon relocate to south-west Europe!

Some people always ask me why I shoot film. It's expensive. It takes time. You don't see the photos. For me, it's all about the feeling. But you can copy the look digitally, everyone says. And you can, but it's never the same. And the process of shooting is definitely not the same. I'm always more calm when I shoot film. Always more focused.

This is the first full on fashion shoot I've ever done on film with no digital backup. It's shot on a Nikon FM with a 43-86/3.5 and 24/2.8. The film I used is Kodak Portra 400, exposed at box speed. I got it developed at a local lab, and scanned them myself on an Epson V850. The locations we used are spread throughout the city centre of Oslo.
I've previously shot with an Minolta XG1, and feel that the switch to the FM was a significant upgrade. The meter is pretty precise when you get used to it, and it feels a bit more durable. I made the switch primarily because I also use Nikon on the digital side, and could combine my glass. One I'm still getting used to focusing with a split prism, but I could highly recommend this combination!
My team for the shoot:
Model: Christiane Schaldemose
Model: Anethe Berggren
Makeup: Ragnhild Syvertsen
Styling: Oda Heiland Hansen
Hair: Malin Modalen
[Upon receiving Aleks's submission, we also asked him to share more of his work shot with the Nikon FM since his first roll, have a look below for more of Aleks's work! :-) -- BF]

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Instagram: @aleksanderespelid


All images shown in this post is provided to us by Aleksander Espelid.


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