First Roll With: Minolta X-300 by Lachlan Jones
Camera: Minolta X-300
Film: Kodak Ultramax
Dev and scan: Rewind Photo Lab

My name Lochie. I'm a student from Sydney doing my HSC at the moment. I've been using digital cameras for as long as I can remember and trying to edit it to make it look like film. Eventually I decided that I should start looking for a 35mm film camera because I couldn't achieve the look that I really desired.

I picked up a Minolta x-300 from one of Grandmas friends. She knew I was interested in film photography and found this old camera she had with her when living in Sweden and Budapest in the 90's. She told me she wasn't sure if it was working or not but to give it a shot. I decided to just go to with Kodak Ultramax. It was a cheap. I took the camera with me on a trip to Western Australia with four rolls of ultramax. In hindsight it was a complete gamble to bring all this film with me without knowing if the camera worked. I over exposed the film by one stop and had it developed at rewind.

 I'm fairly impressed with the camera. At first I didn't realise the lens was zoom until I pulled it out of my bag and it felt like it was falling. The camera is super easy to use, with only an aperture priority mode. It seems like everything works perfectly which after sitting to age for the better part of 20 years I'm really impressed by. The ISO dial on my camera is a little bit loose but is barely a problem when the camera all works in such a smooth and easy way. As a first film camera I don't think I could have asked for anything more.

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