First Roll With: Mamiya C330 by Janie L.
Camera: Mamiya C330 Medium format w/ 80mm lens
Film: Lomography 800 + Ilford HP5
Dev + Scan: Rewind Photo Lab

The Mamiya C330 was my first time shooting with a TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) and 6x6 format camera, you can also find my blog post about my first time shooting with a medium format camera, the Mamiya M645 here! The C330 in particular is a camera from the 70s and I was absolutely intrigued by the camera build, the mechanism, the interchangeable lens, and just overall how awesome it felt on hand! It's got quite a weight to it too. 

Without going too much into the camera specs, which you read all about it here, I'm just going to go straight into my first time shooting experience with it, from the perspective of someone that's never shot one before! 

First impressions - Like my initial experience with the M645, I was a little intimidated by the fully manual body and waist level finder focusing. Thankfully I have had prior experience with the M645 and the C330 has got the same pop-up magnifying glass which I find to be so essential in getting your images in focus when using the waist level finder!

I will be showing two of my initial rolls shot with the C330 in today's post - one in Lomography 800 being my first roll and following with Ilford HP5 after getting a bit more familiar with the camera. 

Starting with the Lomography 800!

My first photo with the C330, featuring my amazing partner that gave me so much assistance during shooting! Clearly I have missed the mark with the focus (haha) but trust me I get better!

Above photos are my favourites from my first roll - I was stunned by how well they turned out when exposure and focus is done correctly! Of course, I made my errors too - such as below showing other shots from the roll that were out of focused and poorly exposured. In my defence (for the focus), I wasn't using the pop up magnifying glass to focus in this roll and had forgotten my glasses (being short sighted). 

Having learnt my lessons with my first roll, I picked up the trusty ilford HP5 to get another roll in! Here are some of those results:

A much better attempt at a "First Roll"! I absolutely loved the shooting experience of the C330, much easier to operate than I had imagined and the process was very smooth! Thankfully there are also so much info online about this camera that you can read about and be of support before using it. I am so happy with the outcome of my first rolls and I hope I did the camera justice and you have enjoyed reading this post!


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