First Roll With: Leica Z2x Point and Shoot by Peter D Hayes
Camera: Leica Z2x 35-70mm point and shoot
Film: FUJIFILM Superia X-TRA 400

My name is Peter Hayes, I am 21 years old and a photographer based in Perth, Australia. I shoot fashion photography, lifestyle and real life. To find more of my work you can find me on Instagram under @peterdhayes and through my website,

The Leica Z2x is probably the best point and shoot I have ever used. Without overly hyping it up. It was sharp, clear and accurate. I often find with some point and shoots the focus points and motion really lets you down. With this the final images I felt are closer to SLR standard than point and shoot. The film stock Superia X-TRA 400 as always was vibrant and crisp. Recommend this point and shoot to anyone into lifestyle and portrait photography. 

Inspiration for this series comes from frustration at the mainstream media and scare factor largely being glorified on the TV and in news mediums. I shot this with the intention with a fly on the wall point of view to allow the viewers to take a step back and see what is going on from an unbiased position. Panic buying has been one of the world's biggest disappointments during this time and has left many people worried for supplies for themselves and family. My aim for this series is to force people to reflect on this and at least attempt to think about someone else and see we are in this together, and need cooperation. 

Blurry images, and raw details. These photographs were taken at Costco, Perth on a Sunday afternoon as a glimpse into people during this uncertain time. I loaded my point and shoot with 1 roll of film. Set myself a time, bought a membership and walked around this place. A point and shoot for this series allowed me to showcase my images raw and truthful. With a slight blur from motion in some shots it allowed me to showcase the rush of the subjects and panic in this series. 

I was surprised and saddened by the people here. Faces covered with masks and gloves, but removed to buy and eat a slice of pizza. Full trolleys, yet still anger and panic. My heart goes out to everyone during this time. Please help one another and look out for your friends and families.


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