First Roll With: Leica Mini Zoom by Anith Mukherjee
Gear: Leica Mini Zoom
Film: Ilford HP5 Plus
Dev + Scan:  Rewind Photo Lab

My name is Anith Mukherjee and I'm a filmmaker at AFTRS! After coming from a background of writing I decided to try and work with images to tell stories in a different way.

Making films appealed to me because it seemed like the coalescence of my three favourite art forms, photography, music and writing, in one medium. Going to a film school I felt obliged to pick up 35mm film photography for the first time. So I bought a second hand Leica Mini Zoom and just took it to parties. These are the results, my first ever roll of film!

The Leica itself is simple and cheap and honestly that's what I was looking for for my first film camera. I didn't want photography to become an intellectual or technical exercise, as filmmaking has become for me. Writing/Directing has now become my study, my work to build a profession out of. So for photography I wanted to keep it as fun and intuitive as possible. A simple, cheap point and shoot was exactly what I needed.

The joy of owning this camera was in taking it to parties. I've always been interested in artistic night life and have been looking for a way/reason to capture it for years now.

However I decided to leave most of the party photos behind here, and focus on my favourites. These were the simple, individual photos of my friends.

Out of all the photos on this roll my favourites were just the ones of the my friends being themselves - and I think that's the real appeal of an easy to use point and shoot. There's no interference between photographer and subject. The machine barely exists and all you're left with is the eye and the moment.

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