First Roll With: Contax T2 By Chris Cielo
Gear: Contax T2
Film: Kodak Ultramax 400
Dev + Scan:  Shibui Film
Location:  Gold Coast


My name is Chris Cielo AKA Hyoshifilm and I am based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I’ve been into photography for almost 10 years and have been shooting film for 2 years. I mainly do photography for fun and use it as a tool to release expression/thoughts and also to document the life around me. 

I finally got my hands on the Contax T2 and boy did it exceed my expectations and also proved not to be only hype. I was very into the T2 based of the quality... I loved the photographs it produced, the look and feel it provides is so nice. I love how it’s so compact and still provides SLR type quality, Very handy to have when travelling light.

The first roll I ran through it was the trusty Kodak Ultramax 400. I didn’t really plan on what I wanted to shoot and just took it with me everywhere I went. It came with a nice pouch that slipped onto my belt, so that was nice and handy.

The camera not only looks amazing but feels amazing in hand. People have said that they find it heavy but I don’t feel that at all... especially coming from an SLR Canon A1, it just feels sturdy and premium. I love the way you can choose different apertures and manually focus, it really helps for portraits or landscapes. Its auto focus is surprising quick and the view finder is super clear.

I had a blast shooting and will have it on me all the time and even shoot street style/fashion work with it when the times right. When I got the photos back I was blown away at the quality and sharpness... it just couldn’t believe at how well it performed in low light and also how close it comes to SLR quality to a certain degree.

I have future plans on releasing a Zine and having my first exhibition. So stay tuned :)



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