First Roll With: Canon EOS-1N w/ EF 50mm 1.8 by Col Taylor
Gear: Canon EOS-1N w/ Canon EF 50mm 1.8 Lens
Film: Fujifilm Superia 400
Dev + scan:  Rewind Photo Lab, Glebe

Hi my name is Col Taylor! Been a keen photographer for a few years now, I mainly shoot urban landscapes, sports and live music photos on film and digitally. Recently I bought the Canon EOS-1N from the lovely people at Beginning Film after meeting them in person at their 1st photo walk and reading Liam Apter’s first roll with his Canon EOS-1N I was like “omfg i got to have one!”.


I was surprised how good the camera condition was  (mint) for a used camera, as I’m a bit wary about buying stuff sight unseen, and was shipped to my door over the weekend :)

After loading a cheap roll of Fuji Superia 400 just to see how the camera performed before I went full on with more expensive film stock. I headed out to Cockatoo Island to put the camera to the test. It was a really cool place and had tons of stuff to see.

The camera was easy to use as I’m familiar with the button layout and having a few EF lens to choose from made it a good choice, even the metering system I was use to so didn’t have to worry about losing the shot due to being under or over exposed . 

As I’m still new to film I think it’s an easier transition from my DSLE to film than a full manual film camera as it still has all the other Av, Tv, bulb and Program functions as my DSLR and using both at the same time I don’t get confused and can get the shots without worrying about it.

if you're new to film, buying a fairly modern camera is probably a good way to do it as the learning curve isn’t as steep, I’m happy with my purchase, thanks Freddie and Janie!

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Instagram: @coltaylorphotograph

All film images shown in this post is provided to us by Col Taylor. Thanks Col! :)

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