First Roll With: Canon A-1 w/ FD Zoom 35-70mm by Alice Ballhausen
Gear: Canon A-1 with Canon Zoom Lens FD 35-70mm.
Film: Kodak T-Max 400
Dev+Scan: Rewind Photo Lab 
Shooting Location: Macquarie Centre rooftop car park 
Model: Ali Kerr

Hello!! My name is Alice Ballhausen and I am currently in my last semester studying Design in Visual Communication at UTS. 

I was first introduced to film when I purchased a point and shoot camera in 2015. I loved the authentic nature of the process and especially how film captures light. Igniting an interest, I wanted to explore more possibilities. 

This semester I was given the opportunity to do a film elective. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge of film having access to amazing tutors and facilities. I bought the Canon A-1 because it is a SLR that will last and it is also perfect as an introductory SLR, with its automated shooting modes that allows to shoot with namely programmed AE mode, aperture priority and also manual too! 

For my first roll of film I wanted to play with the combination of people and light. I thought the perfect location was the rooftop staff car park at Macquarie centre. Having a large surface area that is widely exposed to the natural light I photographed Ali in the late afternoon when the light was soft and shadows were strong. This environment also allowed me to experiment as I am comfortable working with Ali and have tools such as the surrounding cars, a high vantage point and construction to add texture and detail to my photos. I played with all the modes with aperture priority and manual after I became comfortable with the camera and loved the results.

This camera so far has proven to be extremely user friendly especially for beginners and I am looking forward to many more rolls to come!

Connect with Alice!

Instagram: @aliceballhausen

All film images shown in this post is provided to us by Alice Ballhausen.


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Hey Aleks! Thanks for spotting the mistake, the film used was Portra 400 Kodak. Just updated now :)

Beginning Film on Jul 21, 2020

This is a lovely series!
But, isn’t T-max a B&W film? As I’m curious what film this was shot on :)

Aleksander Eilertsen Espelid on May 31, 2019

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