First Roll With: An Introduction

Introducing "First Roll With"!

Hi everyone! We have attempted to start the Blog section for a while now, then we realised we weren't very good writers, haha. But with all things, we believe that practice will make us better. So to kick start the blog series, we want to introduce "First Roll With"!


What is "First Roll With"?

In short, this is a series inspired by the archive of camera test rolls we accumulated over the year of running Beginning Film and prior. "First Roll With" is dedicated to those first moments spent with your film camera. "First Roll With" is open to all levels of photographers, whether it's your first film camera or your 100th, we welcome you to share with us your own unique perspective and experiences! 


Submit to "First Roll With"!

If you own a film camera or have just recently purchased one, chances can submit to "First Roll With"! We want to make this series a collaborative one and it will be great fun to see what everyone get up to on their first roll or first initial rolls, also a fun opportunity to dig back at your film archive and see how far you've come since your first rolls!


What to include in your e-mail submission:

  • Email us with the title: "Submission: First Roll With ___(Your Name)____."
  • About your gear: What was it shot on? The camera, lens, film used, where/how was it developed/scanned? plus any details you feel is important.
  • Images: Max 10 high quality images from your roll as attachment or dropbox/online file link, bonus image of your equipment is also recommended!
  • Text: We don't expect you to do a full review on the camera, at all. (It is welcomed, of course!) Simply share with us some of your initial thoughts, experiences, or even interesting anecdotes with your camera. To keep it simple, here are three sub-headings to help structure your post:
    1. Background - Tell us a bit about yourself (Name, country, your background, say hi to your readers!); What led you to getting this camera? What is something unique about your camera?
    2. Shooting the first roll - How was the shooting process? What did you decide to shoot? 
    3. Closing thoughts - What did you enjoy most or least about your camera? What did you learn? and would you recommend it to others?
  • Don't forget your social links! Your instagram / website / portfolio will be included at the end of the post for those that wish to connect with your further.
  • You can check out some of the past submissions and our own posts here!
  • Email your submission to us at:


That should be it! If you have any questions, you are welcome to post them in the comments below! We're looking forward to starting this new chapter and hope you guys will enjoy and be excited as we are, too! Stay tuned. 



I thought this blog is a pretty awesome idea!
I have recently started to get into film photography, bought a scanner and have taken shots on both an op-shop Cosina CT1ex camera and a brand new Reto 3D camera for the first time.
I was wondering if i submitted an entry for first roll with, if i submit 5 images from each camera to go on one blog post instead of two seperate ones. Or would it be best to just stick with one camera and the best 10 shots?
Thanks for your time!!!

Jorja Moon on Oct 28, 2020

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